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Activity inside the hospital

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【 PS Committee 】

PS stands for "Patient Satisfaction", namely "Seeking the satisfaction of patients".

In Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine, PS Committee is established at each clinic and the meeting is periodically
carried out by the representatives of three clinics.

[ Basic Policy and Objective of Committee ]

To cultivate the intelligence for the capability of understanding the heart of the patients and entertain the patients
with the comfortable environment and the hearty and dignifying treatment.

To aim for assisting each staff with establishing the significance of existence.

[ Activity ]

---Practice in the scope of the clinic activity.
---Participation to the workshop of entertainment.
---Regular joint meeting among three clinics.
---Workshop of PS Committee and lecture presided by the Chief Director.

Topics of PS Committee and Joint Lecture:

1st Committee Meeting: As for our profession; good quality staffs and individualism

2nd Committee Meeting: Beauty as human character; aesthetics of activity