Greeting of the Chief Director

Greeting of the Chief Director

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医療法人 医聖会 理事長 近藤徳雄
The Chief Director of Medical     
Corporation Isekai Institute of Sacred Medicine           Tokuo Kondoh,
; Greeting of the Chief Director

My name is Tokuo Kondoh, the Chief Director of Medical Corporation Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine.

The orientation to the new staffs starts, "What purpose do you work for?"

Most of staffs reply, "I would like to work so that I would be thanked by people."

Everybody feels that the rewarding of the work is to be thanked by people. I am showing three concrete objectives of activities to give the rewarding as much as possible.

1. The study of medical science; Please study it hard because the society requires our capability.
2. Please master the entertainment to other people and the manner as a member of society.
3. Please greet the patients forming the whole hospital to be one family.

The study and the entertainment are matter of the developments of capability, and therefore they can be carried out in accordance with the manual. However, the running the team is the matter of individual heart of each staff.

I am forcing the staffs to think throughout the dialogue of all staffs for the management of the clinic which will be the most beneficial for the patients. This has been an excellent training for the staffs for their formation of the personality. 20 years has passed throughout the repeat of this trial and error.

The virtue teaches the doctor to cure your patients and the medical science teaches how to do it. There is no confliction between the science and the medicine.They are forwarding to the same direction. I am fully realizing every day that I am "the most dedicating and blessed person" as a doctor, namely a specialist.I am grateful that I have been engaged as the specialist.

However, the situation is quite different when I confront the staffs as the chief director and the top manager.

There would not be any compromise between the management and the virtue.As far as I am the chief director and the top manager of the corporation, I owe the interest of the group.

I, myself, need the meaning of life.But the capitalism does not need it for its functioning. We have to obey the order, first of all, the economy (money), and the law and policy which regulate it, followed by the virtue, the ethics and the love.

However, the order of my own important value is totally reverse.

The standard wage is given to the staffs, their self-management is admitted, and their lives are backed up. I have been making every effort to give the spirit of sharing to the staffs.

However, there is still a gap in my minds. The most valuable matter for the individual is never the most important matter for the group.

Even though the individual of the staffs considers that the love is more valuable than the money, they tend to consider the money being the most valuable as the group. At the same time, I am feeling the embarrassment in my own heart.I would have to ask myself to the question which is addressed to the staffs as the chief director.
"What is the objective of our medical corporation?"

Is it an ethical reason or an economical reason?  It is the issue of the individuals asking themselves, which motivation is more important determining factor.

In my case, I would like to reflect my own experience that I have been trying to realize the heart of the dedication.I knew that if I tell a lie to my patient even though it being a very little one, I would immediately lose their trust and lose a lot of money as a result. I have been strictly sincere to the patients and the staffs in order to keep their trusts. However, I have been at the same time also selfish. I have been behaving myself as if conforming to the virtue, however, that has been depending on the interest. I have not have 100% of such mind, but I do have it in some part of my heart.

The philosopher, named Immanuel Kant, says "if an action is not done with the motive of morality, then it is without any interest."

In the U.S., It is said "Ethics pays." This means "Ethics produces profit."

"The corporate ethics enhances the atmosphere in the corporation, and eventually results in the increase of profit."

I believe that the truth lies between these two extreme words.
As the Chief Director and the doctor, in order to establish both of the ethic and the economy at the same time, I have been devoting myself for this study every day.
Your suggestion and encouragement would be greatly appreciated.