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    Medical Corporation Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine is making effort for providing better medical treatment to the patients on the basis of mutual trust every day. As for "the private information of the patients", it is considered our social responsibility to properly protect and control it. We strictly conform to the law of private information security and the related laws, and carry out without fail the following policy for the protection of the private information so as to take proper measure for the collection, utilizing and safe controlling the private information.    
    ◇The Corporation will maintain the various regulations for the private information and continue its improvement.  
    ◇In case obtaining the protection of private information or altering the objective of its utilization, the Corporation will publish the objective of its utilization. In case of receiving the document of the private information directly from the patient oneself, the Corporation will indicate directly to the patient beforehand. However, this transaction excludes the cases where the objective of utilization is apparent considering the situation of obtaining or some proper reasons exist.    
    ◇Except the case where there is the proper reason from points of the law or some other reasons, the Corporation will not treat the private information without obtaining the prior consent from the patient for the purpose of a certain usage beyond the necessary scope.    
    ◇Without the consent of the patients, the Corporation will not provide the private information of the patient to a third party other than the related corporations, the entrusted bodies or the contracted bodies. The Corporation will limitedly provide the private information, conforming to the law, for the purpose of the life of human being, the protection for the body and treasure, the improvement of public sanitation and the progress for the sound cultivation of the children in the case that it is hard to obtain the consent from the patient.    
    ◇The Corporation will make the contract with our staffs and the entrusted body about the private information, enforce them to carry it out and supervise them without fail.    

◇The Corporation quickly respond to the patients when they request us to disclose the private information on the basis of our regulation for the disclosure except the cases where it would harm the proper conduct of the work for the Corporation or some other proper reasons would exist.

    "The receptions for the consultation of private information" at the Medical Corporation Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine:    
    ◆Medical Corporation Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine Kondoh Ophthalmology◆    
    Shin-Sakai-Higashi Building1F, 2-1-18 Minami-Hanadaguchi-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka Pref.    
TEL: 072-227-1785
    ◆Medical Corporation Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine Kondoh Ophthalmology Wakayama Clinic◆    
    Suiryoken Building 2F, 5-12-1, Misono-cho, Wakayama-shi    
TEL: 073-421-5811/0120-118-342
    ◆Medical Corporation Iseikai Institute of Sacred Medicine Minami-morimachi Ophthalmology Clinic◆    
    Patio Minami-morimachi 1F, 2-Kita1-12, Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi    
TEL: 06-6882-3127